How To Play Contemporary Piano Chords
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Student Testimonials

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Shakeel A.

"Chord Stack System unlocked my understanding of contemporary piano..."

The 'Chord Stack System' that Vaughn created is the MOST effective way, (with discipline) to unlock fluency on the piano. Gospel University is the path!

Shakeel A.

"This is what I've wanted to learn for a LONG time..."

Vaughn's Chord Stack System is mapped out so well! As long as I keep putting in the work, & following my coaches advice, my playing gets better and better. Finally my hands can do what I've always wanted them to do

Robert H.

"With the Chord Stack System I've grown more on piano in 6 months than in the last 10 years..."

What Vaughn has here is definitely a BLESSING! His system has put literally put me on the path of 
self-reliance and learning new things every day.

Nate N.

"I never knew I could have so many options on the piano!"

I used to wonder "how do these gospel guys find all those chords", but now it makes so much sense! Because when you have the 'understanding' the Chord Stack System gives you, it puts so many options at your disposal.

Camesia M.
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