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Who Is This For?

Intro To Chord Stack System™ is for: 
  •  Piano or organ players wanting to "crack the code" to gospel once and for ALL...
  • ​Beginner level players stuck playing boring chords that want to "spice" things up
  • ​Musicians tired of playing repetitive, that DREAM of playing with more flavor & variety
  • ​Musicians that struggle to learn songs fast by ear, who want to pick up advanced chords faster

The #1 Reason YouTube (and other methods) 
Don't Work...

Like you, I struggled with my gospel piano playing for years.

Navigating YouTube was a confusing mess, and most of the videos & piano courses (from companies we ALL know) made BIG promises about how they would:

"improve our skills..."

But those videos were just "show off/highlight reels" that never taught the "why" behind what they were playing.

Because of their "teaching style"...I was stuck pausing and rewinding videos all day...

Struggling to retain anything I could...

(sound familiar?)

Frustrated with this, I asked myself...

"How can these talented musicians play SO well...but can't FULLY explain what they're doing???"

Then I FINALLY figured out the reason!

It's because...

They Play By Muscle Memory...ONLY

Most gospel musicians learn to play when they're CHILDREN...

AND...children's brains learn primarily from copying and imitation!

Which is "ok" on the surface level, but it means they usually don't understand WHAT they're playing!

Which means they can't teach it either...

(They can only "show" you the chord or shapes they play on YouTube videos)

(sound familiar?)

But adults do NOT learn that way...

Adults Need A Systematic Approach To Learn Piano Fast!

Learning from YouTube isn't systematic...

It's random and takes too much time!

I didn't have 5 hours a day to watch RANDOM videos!

I was balancing family, work and other responsibilities...

So I had to figure out another way..

The Chord Stack System™

Here's What The Chord Stack System™ Has Done For Our Students (Before & After Results)

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Robert H.

Before & 4 Month Transformation

After (God Will Take Care of You)

Hideyuki F.


After (Super Mario Churchy)

Lorine W.


After (6 Month Transformation)

Nate N.


After (2 Month Transformation)

Why The Chord Stack System™ Works

It is effective because of these important principles:
  • Think Like The Pros: Teaches you the musical THOUGHT PROCESS of the top Gospel Musicians so you can play like them.
  • Be Spontaneous: Learn when, and where to play your ideas in songs
  • Expand Your Creativity: Have UNLIMITED chords and creative ideas to use in songs


  • Piano Pathway Practice Plans: Custom Tailored piano practice plans that tell you WHAT to practice in the RIGHT ORDER, based on where YOU currently are on your journey.
  • Chord Stack System™ Piano Training: Our flagship piano training system that teaches you how to THINK & PLAY "jaw dropping" chords on piano just like the top gospel musicians. (also used by Berklee College of Music™)
  • Street Smart Music Theory: An easy-to-understand approach to expanding your chord knowledge and vocabulary, so you have more options in your musical toolbox
  • Chord Voicing Mastery: Finally sound FULL in both hands! You'll NEVER play "basic" chords again.
  • How To Add "Flavor" In Songs: Learn how to confidently play passing movements, melodic embellishments and fill-ins in ANY song. No more awkward, empty space. 
  • Play "Outside" the Box: Take a simple songs to higher heights with 'jaw-dropping' contemporary chords and reharms that leave people speechless.
  • Ear Training for Gospel Musicians: A step-by-step guide to strengthening your ears to hear complex chords and learn hard songs in 5min or less.

To Sum Everything Up...

The Chord Stack System™ is the CHEAT CODE you need to accelerate AND elevate your piano skills.

We're going to show everything you need to understand how gospel music REALLY works. This way you know exactly how to 

So if you're interested in all of this, the last question is, "How Much Is It?"

Here's the price:

Just one payment of $297 

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  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
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